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Medieval Castles, Fortresses and Towers

storiaearte_casteletorrimedev1The conquest of the Franks and the Normans gave Sicilian history the memories of the deeds of the paladins against the Saracens and the love songs of the troubadours; their rule left bulwarks and fortresses to protect their subjects. A trip that will take you to the court of the noble feudal lords.

Day 1
Norman Austerity and Baroque Exuberance
Arrival at Catania airport. First visit to the Castello Ursino, built by Frederick II, which has an imposing quadrangular
structure and walls two meters thick. Continue with a tour of the city, whose Baroque plan established following the earthquake, was mainly the work of Vaccarini. Dinner and overnight stay at hotel.
Castello Maniace of Siracusa and the Fortress of Aci
Breakfast and departure for the Island of Ortigia, to Siracusa, to see Castello Maniace with its square plan, cylindrical corner towers, and Gothic portal. Stop at the Norman castle of black lava of Aci, which stretches out to the sea and rises upward as if it were the bow of a stranded ship. Dinner at Acitrezza. Return to Catania for the night.
Turres, Castra and Fortilicia: the Castles of Val Demone
After breakfast, visit to the ancient turres of Paternò and Adrano. Continue to Bronte, where the Duchy of Nelson stands, founded around a former fortified Benedictine abbey. Then on to the Castrum of Montalbano, completed in the early 1300s. At Milazzo, you can see the Norman castle finished during the Spanish rule. Dinner and overnight stay.
Castelbuono and Caccamo
Breakfast and visit to the Castello dei Ventimiglia, at Castelbuono, embellished with the Chapel of St. Anne. Continue to the atmospheric Castle of Caccamo, with crenellation, one-light and two-light windows. Transfer to Palermo with a brief tour of the city.
Castles in the Trapani Area
After breakfast, tour of the Castle of Carini, Castle of Venus at Erice, and the Castello Pepoli. Continue to Trapani to visit the Castello di Terra and Torre della Colombara. Dinner and overnight stay at Marsala.
The Crown of Mussomeli and Fortification of Enna
After breakfast, visit to the Castello dei Graffeo at Partanna. Continue to the Castle of Favara, and the Fortress of Mussomeli, set like a crown atop a large calcareous crag outside of the town. Lastly, at Enna, visit to the imposing fortification of the Castle of Lombardy, whose Byzantine nucleus was enlarged by Swabians and Normans. Dinner and overnight stay.
The Castles of Falconara and Gela
After breakfast, departure for the Castle of Falconara, situated in a splendid seafront position; then visit to the Castle and “Castelluccio” of Gela. Continue to Caltagirone, dinner and overnight stay.
After breakfast and a tour around town, departure for the airport.

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