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A School Trip to the Wicked Circe

Beware of Circe, the dangerously attractive enchantress who may cast a spell on you, as she did to Ulysses. This small national park is a wonderful mosaic of different habitats: lakes lapping the sand dunes, marches hidden in the undergrowth, a tall promontory overlooking the sea and caves bearing traces of pre-history.

Day 1
Dunes and Lagoons
Arrival at Sabaudia or San Felice Circeo and transfer to the hotel where the guide will explain the programme. Departure for the first nature trip to the coastal area, along a spectacular, winding range of high dunes stretching over 3 km, with lakes and salt-water lagoons offering a unique habitat for many species of migratory and non-migratory birds: plovers, coots and cormorants. Picnic lunch. Visit to the ruins of Domitian’s villa and Nero’s port. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.
To the Tip of Circe’s Nose
Breakfast at the hotel, then a pleasant walk along marked paths over the Circeo promontory (541 m above sealevel), which legend says resembles in shape the profile of the witch, Circe. At the end of the chalk promontory is a sheer drop to the sea with an incredible view. On one side, the endless stretch of dunes, lakes, woods and the flat land of the Agro Pontino, onnaturaesport_dallamagacirce2 the other a series of bays leading to the small port of San Felice Circeo and the Split Mountain of Gaeta, facing the Pontine Islands. On the way down, we can observe the massive remains of the Cyclops walls. Picnic lunch and in the evening
return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.
Pre-historic Caves and Ancient Woodlands
Breakfast at the hotel. Morning spent studying the fascinating palaeontological and archaeological remains found in the Park. Visit to some of the numerous caves set below the promontory at Punta Rossa, and to the museum. There will be instances of karst phenomena to observe, with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as sites which were frequented by
Neanderthal man. Picnic lunch and in the early afternoon, trip to the oak wood and to Circeo. Walk in the ancient forest of
Terracina, among the ancient charcoal pits and untouched marshes that give us an idea of what the Agro Pontino area
must have been like before the land was drained. Return to the hotel in the evening, dinner and overnight stay.
Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the departure point.

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